Astar’s Blog – ‘Little Dot, This is your lot…’


I’ve just returned from working in India.  It was supposed to be for a fortnight, but ended up being a month.  Even I’d wanted to stay, my visa was almost up and you don’t muck around there any longer than allowed.  Trust me.  To be spending any time in an Indian prison is definitely not on my bucket list.

Have you been there?

Now I’m not talking about the touristy places. Oh no, I’ve been behind the scenes far removed from anything exotic or fabulous and I can report that rural life in southern India is far removed from anything I have ever experienced.

It’s HOT – (average temperature of 38 degrees morning noon and night). DIRTY!  POLLUTED!  And they drive like there is no tomorrow. I’m still left perplexed at how they navigate cows, dogs, goats, laden tukus, entire families on motorbikes, and everyone going in different directions, all at the same time.  Hair raising madness 24/7!



Their day starts early and they work incredibly hard, especially the women.  That is why I will never complain again.  Imagine if your entire life was determined by the caste into which you were born?

On an exceptionally hot morning not long after arriving, I was drawn to the sounds of laughter.  On investigating, this is what I observed – a group of beautifully dressed happy girls all waiting to start work – (Note the little girl in her mother’s arms).  Second picture leaves me quite sad, because that little Dot was learning her lot.

With the year almost ended and as family and friends gather to celebrate, my message to self is to try and remember to be grateful…

Merry Christmas,

much love Astar

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