Bianca’s Blog – Dark Chocolate cases filled with Lemon Yoghurt

Filling ideas:
Lemon yoghurt

These will be nice for Christmas day!

These are always fun to make with friends.
My friend Kylah taught me how to make these and this is my friend Manaia Hall who came to visit us.

You might need some help to melt the chocolate.

You can use dark or white chocolate.
You will need:
500g of chocolate
12 small muffin cases
Olive oil
Filling – cream, lemon yoghurt or mousse

This is how my Mum melts chocolate (ask an adult to help you):

Heat an empty non-stick pan on the stove top for three minutes.
Remove the pan and place in it half of the chocolate with 1 tablespoon of olive oil.
The chocolate will start to melt; with a wooden spoon stir the chocolate until smooth.
Using the back of a spoon cover the inside of a cupcake case with the melted chocolate and place in the fridge until set.
Remove from the fridge and re-coat the cupcake cases so that the chocolate is nice and thick.
Place back in the fridge.
Remove the outside paper and fill with your favourite filling.


Merry Christmas everyone,
Love Bianca!

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