• 1 Cup Pams brown sugar
• 1 cooked leg ham
• Juice of 2 oranges, grate the skin of one
• 1 Jar of marmalade jam
• 2 Cans of pineapple rings, reserve the juice
• Glazed cherries
• Tooth picks

• Preheat oven to 220°C conventional or 200°C fan

• Combine orange juice and grated rind, Pams brown
sugar juice from the pineapple, marmalade, and heat
in a pot until reduced down and it becomes nice and

• Loosen the rind around the edges of the ham with
a small sharp knife, remove rind in one large piece.
Score the fat diagonally at 2cm intervals and form a
diamond pattern. Place the ham into a large dish and
brush over the glaze, then decorate the ham with
pineapple rings and cherries.

• Place ham fat side up onto a roasting rack over a
baking tray bake for 30-45 minutes, making sure you
check the ham and keep brushing it with the glaze.

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