Just Who is in Control of my Garden?

Yup…it is all about growing organic food, eating organic food yet finding economical ways to do so while still keeping some money in the bank! My small plot in Waihi has interesting corners of garden that face different ways to the sun, the sleeting rain in winter and the dreaded westerly winds. “Dig” I said when I moved in last March. “Go plant little one, run free with your organic energy and impressive chillies and stuff”. I started by planting a nice little corner of my garden that has its own micro climate  facing north east with three lines of fences around it. When I developed it I dug down to see what I could see. If you remember those old railway cups, thick as pig muck and seemingly unbreakable, well, that is what I found – loads of them, bottles too, breaking them with my spade as I dug furiously. The shards of thick broken cups and saucers were two things –1.  hard to dig around and, 2. sure to shred the growing roots of my dear little organic plants. Curses! Leaving aside the temptation of revisit the entire history of railway porcelain in New Zealand as well as the historic penchant that people had back then to bury their rubbish in their gardens, I began in earnest to smash and bash and plant. “Grow god bless you little plants, grow and flourish!”

My vegetable garden is well underway with my staples of silverbeet, herbs, rocket and tomatoes and the all-important garlic. Some of my garlic is planted around a new paulownia tree, some around my two fig trees as well as under the feijoa as supposedly garlic throws down some big deep roots to bring up nutrients for these beauties.  “Grow little trees, grow freely to give me food and shade and privacy!”

The coup de force or whatever that thing is, is my big long timber fence.” Grow food on it” I said but then when the cabbage trees over on the neighbours’ side generously flowered two months or so ago with plumes like fluffy feathers of white flowers, I began to think that climbing star jasmine might be nice and fragrant and pretty and match the cabbage trees that would flower at the same time. But then, the neighbour confessed to  being sensitive to this vine as she gets asthma – so you know, just who the bloomin’ heck is in control of my garden?  (And does this neighbour smoke heh heh?). So, the decision to plant creamy frothy wisteria was made – only to be abandoned when my father visited last week and suggested that the wisteria would just grow through to the neighbours place given that was where the north sun shines and that it would just take over and colonise their fence, garage and potentially house. Gosh, me, me all on my own…with all of that power to RUIN, completely ruin my neighbours’ property. Who would have thought?

My damned fence now has a fleshy green vine attempting to grow up it and yes, it does have white flowers. The wisteria has been banished to a naff old pergola thingy out the front of mine that will, you know, RUIN, completely ruin my property with its draping beauty!!

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