• 1 packet Sponge Fingers
• 1 tub cream cheese
• 3 eggs – separated (mix egg yolk with ½ cup of caster sugar)
• 3 cups strong Espresso coffee (cooled with ¼ cup of sugar)
• Frozen berries
• 1 King size block white chocolate
(chopped into chunks)
• 8 – 12 mini pods

1 Place 3 cups of cooled coffee in a dish with ¼ cup of caster sugar – set aside.
2 Mix egg whites until nice and fluffy – set aside.
3 Mix the egg yolk with sugar until nice and light in colour. Add the cream cheese and continue beating until creamy.
4 Stir the egg whites into the egg yolk mixture.
5 Place a sponge finger into the coffee and then into a mini pod. Place some mixture, white chocolate and berries into the pod until stacked to the top. For best results refrigerate overnight.

Bought to you by The Good Life, Whakatane.

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