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La Vita offers a range of advertising options for your business. We have listed some below or if you wish to customise something please get in touch. This is a great space for your products or promotions and any content really that you want to share with site visitors.



01 Double Page

LaVita Magazine

With over 3000 copies printed quarterly you are reaching a local demographic that gets you noticed by the right people. A double pager makes that hard to miss. Picture it spread on the table at your local cafe... hmmm?

03 Half Page

LaVita Magazine

A half page is a great space for lesser information and lesser expense. Share your location and services and get noticed in one of our 3000+ copies.

05 Carousel Feature

LaVita Online

If you want to showcase your products and have a fabulous back link to your website with bonus contact features, this is what you'll want!

02 Full Page

LaVita Magazine

Full Pages are also eye grabbing. If you are wanting some organic leads within the community. Come join us. We have a graphic designer in our team who can quickly turn your ideas around.

04 Sidebar

LaVita Online

Want to promote your business on our website? We have several spaces available. This one is a sidebar on any page that can include an email link or form of your choosing.

06 Main Header

LaVita Online

This here is another carousel. Page width on the very top of our main page. Our most premium advertising space for maximum reach.

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