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Fig Walnut and Broccoli Salad! A must to try this summer.

Updated: Jan 8

3 Ripe Figs

Handful of walnuts

3 tablespoons of oil

3 tablespoons of honey

Handful of raisins

1 broccoli diced into small pieces.

1/2 red onion diced.

1 small relish diced.

Salad leaves

Feta and goats' cheese optional - to add a little extra punch.


Blanch the broccoli for a few minutes on some boiling water that has been seasoned with some salt, remove drain and run it until cold water, set aside.

Heat a pot with oil, on low heat and cook the walnuts until golden pour over the honey, coat the walnuts with the honey. Take the pot off the stove and set aside.

Place the salad leaves in a dish, add the onion and relish, broccoli and raisins, then place the figs on top and drizzle the walnut and honey dressing on top. Add a little feta or goats' cheese if desired.

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