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Fish Tortillas on your mind?

Have you tried my fish tortillas yet? Do you want something quick and easy for dinner tonight? These are my quick easy fish tortillas:


1 pkt of Tortillas, folded in half, toasted in the toaster, they are delish.

Filled with Parmesan cheese fish fillets.

How to make the coating, is so easy!

Mix 3-5 eggs depending on how many fresh fillets you have.

Mix the eggs with 1/2 cup of Parmesan cheese, season the egg with salt and pepper.

Coat the fish in flour, dip into the egg mixture, fry on both sides until golden.

Place the fish on some handy towels to drain excess oil.

Fill the tortillas with your favourite salad.

Finally, place a piece of fish on top with a dash of mayo or sauce.

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